Thursday, March 22, 2007

Good week at the office!

Beth and I hit the road to Orlando for the weekend. I had to cover the Arnold Palmer Invitational and we got to visit with Eric, Katie and Luke. It was a busy weekend. I'd never been to Bay Hill before, so it was an unfamiliar golf course. I guess I did alright because I had several of my photos used by both Golf World (Cover and inside) and Sports Illustrated (inside) magazines. It's always nice to get published, and Beth also enjoys taking the magazines to work to make the doctors jealous!

SI's "Golf Plus" section

Monday we went to Sea World since we were staying right next door. We figured it wouldn't be as crowded on a weekday, but it was packed by 9:30. Beth went on the big roller coaster, then we fed the sea lions. We went to see the Shamu whale show and found out that one of the female orcas had given birth earlier in the week. The show was just a 15 minute "introduction" to the baby whale. No jumping, no splashing... No fun!
We got bored by lunchtime and decided to meet Eric for lunch and then head home. It was a good reminder of why I hate "theme parks"!

"Kraken" the sea monster
Long way to the topBeth gets front row for the 65mph ride!Feed me!