Tuesday, April 24, 2007


The preparations for the 2007 PLAYERS are in high gear. I went to the course today with John Snow and Caryn, along with Peter Lorber and his wife. Peter is a panoramic photography specialist and will be photographing during the tournament with his collection of exotic cameras. He let me play with his Hasselblad digital and I grabbed a few scenics and did a quick sepia conversion. The files are huge and the photos are so sharp! I can't wait to see what he gets during the tournament.

The theatre that is #17

A view from the new bleachers at #17
Looking down the 18th hole

Peter sets up his camera while John watches from his perch on a TV booth tower.
Caryn never misses a chance for her own blog photos!Caryn gets a view through the 5", long-roll panoramic camera
We couldn't get him to come down!One big tripod!
Are all photogs a little absent-minded? Looks like it!
Do we really have to go back to the office?