Tuesday, September 25, 2007

They Keys to relaxation.

We decided to keep our vacation simple this year and took a drive to Key Largo. We could bring Shelby and the kayak, and it was air-travel free! The last time we went, a little storm, named Katrina wiped out the fun. This time we had much better weather and a Nice, relaxing week. Of course, Shelby was pretty bored with the 6-hour drive!
We rented the second floor of this house. Great view from the roof deck!
Shelby got her own bed and was quite comfy!
Nice neighborhood!The Atlantic awaits!The fishing was awesome!The waterdog was in heaven!The Keys version of a chauffeur.
The Lorelei, one of our favorite restaurants.
One of the pimped out rides in the parking lot.A day trip to Key West ends with a signature sunset.