Friday, October 05, 2007

Presidents Cup in Montreal

Presidents Cup... Two words that bring excitement and a little dread. Every two years, the best golfers from the U.S. and International countries outside the U.K. gather for four days of golf and camaraderie. It's a fun week, but absolutely grueling for those of us working the event. Long days and little sleep is the norm. Montreal was great, but I saw little of it outside the golf course and hotel.

Day one of shooting starts with team/caddie photos on the range.
Sam, Scott and Caryn help figure out how much space we'll need.The end result.Next come the opening ceremonies on Wed. A big stage is erected near the clubhouse and players, wives, dignitaries and fans gather to officially begin the games.
We have photographers in various positions and since Stan couldn't be there, I was in "ladder" position down in front. Near the end of the ceremony, our media staff bring a large ladder out and we do the group shot of both teams on stage with the Cup. With this position comes the responsibility of calling "Ladder please" at the appropriate time. It's a Pres Cup tradition that will endure the ages.
The ladder appears with much fanfare.I start my climb...Atop the world!The teams in all their splendor.Former President Bush makes some opening remarks.Sam is stuck in the crowd.Captains Nicklaus and Player speak during the "Taste of Nations" celebration.The dance troupe entertained after dinner. Who knew guys could pole dance too?