Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Atlanta with the Souzas

We drove up to Atlanta last weekend to meet up with Beth's folks and her brothers family. It was a fun trip and we spent Saturday at the Georgia Aquarium. The building and various exhibits were nice, but the whole place was way too crowded. If you go, wait til school is back in and avoid weekends!

One of the two resident whale sharks

Deanna, Payden and Mark (AKA "Mongo")

Deanna, Beth and Payden pet the stingrays

The girls check out some tropicals

A hammerhead shark gets a closer look at the ladies

I'm not sure who got more entertainment from this portal, the penguins or the girls!

It was riot watching different people pop up and see the penguins check them out. I wonder what they're thinking...

Looking at the jellies

I don't know if aliens exist or not, but I'm still amazed by some of the creatures we have here on earth. These jellyfish were so beautiful to watch float around the tank.

Big grouper!

Lunch break with the kids

Little Mark loved the camera.

Aunt Beth and Uncle Chris with the young Souzas

Sunday, Beth and I stopped by the "Bodies" show at the Atlanta civic center. It was fascinating to see the human body preserved and displayed like that. A little creepy, but very educational!
I was bummed out that they didn't allow any type of photography. I guess I can understand since it's a sensitive topic to many people. You can see more about the show at the website: http://www.bodiestheexhibition.com/