Wednesday, May 13, 2009

National Golf day Washington D.C.

I made a quick trip to Washington D.C for National Golf Day. As there were a couple of events that I needed to cover, I had some down time. There was a congressional breakfast and a press conference, both the next day. I got in to D.C. early enough so
I checked into the hotel and took a walk down to the mall.
My swanky digs in Georgetown.
Check out these bathrobes! I dropped my bag at the hotel and walked down past the White House.Always some interesting characters around!I walked down the the Washinton Monument.And then over by the Jefferson Memorial.I came back by the WWII Memorial which I hadn't yet seen. Beautiful job.Lots of tributes from families of fallen soldiers.I then walked up by the reflecting pool to the Lincoln Memorial. Spring had sprung and lots of baby ducklings wandered around.There were lots of people milling around the Lincoln Memorial making it hard to get clean photos. The light in that place is so pretty, and the statue has such a powerful presence.From there it was back past the Vietnam War Memorial and back to the hotel.The next morning it was off to Capitol Hill and the breakfast.Then a quick Presidents Cup Press Conference at the National Press club with the Commissioner, Fred Couples and Greg Norman. After that, a cab to the airport and home!