Saturday, June 06, 2009

Columbus Ohio and the Motorcycle Hall Of Fame Museum

After a few years of missing this museum, I was determined to make it this time. I flew up to OH for the Memorial tournament on Wed.
This gave a me some time to visit since it's pretty near the airport.
Currently, they have a display called "Motostars" which includes motorcycles and other memorabilia from famous actors and musicians. The highlight of this for me was the display of Neil Peart's BMW R1100GS and his touring drumset from the Rush R30 tour. I'm a big fan of Neil's playing and his love of motorcycle travel. He has written several books about his travels (Ghost Rider, Traveling Music and Roadshow) and updates his website with lots of riding related stories

Oh yeah, there were a lot of other bikes on display too. Below is a replica of the "Captain America" chopper from the movie "Easy Rider". Some vintage racing and touring bikes.
Wayne Rainey's Daytona Superbike.
A beautiful Arlen Ness custom.
An old Indian
A salt flats speed bike.
Some other fun displays.