Wednesday, March 07, 2007

A taste of winter

Had a quick trip to Washington D.C. this week to cover a press conference announcing a new PGA TOUR event with Tiger Woods as the host. It was a whirlwind trip and we went from the press conference over to the Capitol so Tiger and the commissioner could meet with members of the Senate Majority and the Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi. After that was a reception ate the American Red Cross HQ which is a another great historic building. It snowed all day and gave the city a clean, pretty winter coat.
I stayed at the Four Seasons near Georgetown which was nice, but I'm glad I wasn't paying!

In case you are wondering what a $450 hotel room looks like!

The National Press Club hosted the announcement and had a bunch of cool displays like this collection of old radio broadcast microphones.
The media waits for the press conference to start.
The view from the towncar on the way to the Capitol Bldg.
The rotunda
The Red Cross building... Check out the stained glass windows!
Snow in the hotel courtyard.
The view from my room.