Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Boston... I mean "Baahston"!

I love the northeast this time of year. The evenings are still cool and the days are warm. There is always comfort under a shady tree or in a cool breeze!
I'm in Boston working with golf icon Gary Player. I get to follow him over three days and not have to worry about anything other than making good photos of the "Black Knight". Of course, he wore white two of the three days!Saturday after play I decided to head downtown. I was in Concord, so it was fairly easy to get into the city. We don't have much mass transit in Jax, so I decided to brave the "T" which is the subway in Boston. There was a station not too far from my hotel and I headed underground.Since the station was the "end of the line" and it was a weekend, it was pretty quiet on the platform. Plenty of seats!A few more people piled on, but we soon found out that due to bridge construction we would have to get off the train at M.I.T. and head up to city buses which would then take us across the river to the Park St. Station where we would walk back underground to pick up the train again to our final stops... Great! So much for the "convenience" of mass transit, or in this case, Mass. transit. Sorry, bad pun.

Once I got downtown, I walked around the Faneuil Hall area and walked toward the north end. The statue of Samuel Adams made for a cool silhouette.I saw several wedding photographers working in the area. I can't imagine shooting a couple with so many people walking into the frame!I walked down to the waterfront to enjoy the atmosphere and the pretty light.Dinner at Joe's, then back to the "T" to find my way back to Concord.